Interior photos by Dániel Németh

Tamás Urbán: Unwanted Butterfly

March 5 – August 23, 2020 (temporarily closed between March 12 and July 6 due to the coronavirus pandemic)
Capa Center (Budapest, Hungary)

Unwanted Butterfly spent half of his 40 years behind bars, so he had plenty of time to have his whole body tattooed. He was an unusual sight in Socialist Hungary, comfortable both in the prison and in the Budapest underground scene, doing gigs with the famous band Sziámi in the Black Hole alternative club, drawing, painting, creating puzzles, and writing a journal. Photojournalist Tamás Urbán met him in 1988 for the first time, in the Csillag Prison of Szeged, Hungary. The exhibition presents a selection of the photographs taken in the following six years – until Butterfly’s death in 1994 – as well as of the objects and documents collected by Tamás, and of Butterfly’s journal.



Curator: István Virágvölgyi
Project coordinator: Pál Pentelényi
Graphic Design: Nóra Szücs

Professional partner: Archive of Modern Conflict
With support from the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

The show was accompanied by an illustrated 192-page-catalogue in Hungarian and separately in English.

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