Interior photos by Boglárka Éva Zellei


Guest + appearance

March 21 – September 6, 2020 (opened only on May 30 due to Covid-19 pandemic regulations)
Pannonhalma Archabbey (Pannonhalma, Hungary)

A host and guest must establish a mutually beneficial environment together, depending on each other, in which the act of welcoming guests becomes more than the sum of its parts. Four photographers investigate the cross sections of church and everyday life, where the religious and profane aspects of our lives meet. Do they only find the indifference and empty routines that result from our 21-century lifestyle? Or will there be an interaction, be it tension or catharsis?



Photographers: Péter Sz. Németh, Ákos Stiller, Éva Szombat, Boglárka Éva Zellei
Curator: István Virágvölgyi
Graphic design: Zoltán Szmolka

The show was accompanied by a Hungarian and English bilingual 120-page catalogue.

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Lát/om/áskérdések (Punkt)

Jézus még az Aldi mellett is ott lehet (Telex)

Súgólyuk (Bartók Rádió) 10:42

Akvarell (Magyar Katolikus Rádió) 18:00

Összefutni Istennel, csak úgy (

Arcus Temporum: vendégek leszünk, minden értelemben (Artportal)