Interior photos by István Mészáros

Balatonfüred 50
Picture stories from the first decades of becoming a town

June 5, 2021 – January 9, 2022
Vaszary Gallery (Balatonfüred, Hungary)

A village without drainage in most part, hosting a hospital for cardiology and a ship factory. A 400-room-hotel in the summer and a plum dumplings factory in the winter. Anna Ball and punk festival within a fortnight. Fifty years ago in April 1971 when Balatonfüred was granted a town status, it was a village of strange dichotomies mainly due to its location next to the lake.



Curator: István Virágvölgyi
Project coordinator: Fruzsina Sövény, Zita Rostás
Graphic design: Péter Nemes

Showing photographs from the archives of Fortepan and MTI Hungarian News Agency.



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